Tuesday, March 5, 2013


   A long time ago, on the south China coast, there was a big clam on a beach and a wide-winged flamingo in the sky.  The shell always opened his shell, waiting for the bird to drop on the beach to be his food, and the flamingo always cruised and looked over the beach for food also.  One day, when the clam opened his shell again, the hungry cruising flamingo saw the shell opening; he thought that it was an excellent chance for his delicious food.  The big crab had meat, so the flamingo hurried to fly down to the clam.  When the flamingo came toward the clam, the clam was thinking, "What a big bird it is!  It must be enough for hungry me."  At the moment of their contacting each other, the shell of the clam closed quickly, and the beak of the flamingo got hold of the meat of the crab.  At that moment they fought each other and tried to swallow each other tightly.  Nio one gave way to its rival.  After several hours, they were still bound together.  At this time, an old fisherman who had not caught any fish today passed by the clam and the flamingo and discovered them.  The old fisherman was excited by the scene.  He said, "Oh!  My family will have a good harvest today, a big clam and a big bird,"  and he caught them and brought them home.

   The story tells us, when people fight or hurt each other, the advantages always belong to the third person.

   -Ming-Szu Yu,  Taiwan

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