Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Magic Pot


A long long time ago, a greedy man lived in a small village.  He had a little brother.  The little brother was kind and thoughtful.  However he was very poor.  One day, he worked in his small farm.  Although the weather was very hot, he worked hard.  At that time, he came across a large pot.  It was very old but one could still use it.  The little brother brought the large pot from his farm.  He put some food and fruit in the pot.  The next day, he was amazed when he saw the pot.  There was a lot of food and fruit in the pot.  He put a coin in the large pot again.  As a result of that, he got a lot of coins.  The large pot was a magic pot.  The greedy brother heard the news.  He stole the magic pot from his brother in the middle of the night.  He was happy.  He got a lot of money and food also.  One day, the greedy brother's father was anxious about the large pot.  His father climbed on the pot to see the inside of the pot.  At that time, his son came into the room.  The greedy brother's father was surprised and fell into the pot.  He took out his father from the inside of the pot.  A few minutes later, he heard some sound from the inside of the pot.  "My son!  Please help me!"  He looked inside hte pot.  There stayed his father in the pot.  He took out the other one of his father again.  And again, again… He didn't know what he should do.  His little brother came to his house after he heard that news.  The greedy brother regretted what he had done out of reed.  They discussed the accident.  Finally, they decided that they would destroy the pot.  They did.  A few seconds later, everything disappeared.

   -Michael Jeong, Korea

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