Saturday, March 9, 2013

One Night

   One day two weeks ago, there was a mystery story in Pittsburg.  I'll talk about it.

   It was a stormy night.  Pittsburg was lit up by lightning.  The hard wind was blowing in this city.  A drunk was walking on Broadway St.  He walked south to north, on the street.  After we went through downtown, he saw a pizza shop.  He said, "Is there a pizza shop here?" to himself.  At that time, he was very hungry, so he went into the shop.  He ordered a middle sized pizza and a large coke.  The cost was only $3.  He thought that it was too cheap, so he looked at the menu.  On it was written, "Pizza $2.50, coke $0.50.  Then he said, "This shop is the greatest pizza shop in the world!"  He ate the pizza there.  It was the most delicious that he'd ever eaten.  The next day, he talked about that pizza shop it his friends.  Then he and his friends went to that pizza shop.  They arrived there, but there was no pizza shop.  He could only find a big pile of dog's dung.  Then he said, "Oh, no…!"

   He was too drunk last night, so he didn't remember what the truth was.

   -Noriyuki Otsuka

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