Thursday, March 7, 2013


In 15th century, in Korea, there was an old blind person in a small town.  He lost his wife.  So he had lived with his daughter.  And she was a filial daughter.  She was very famous by her loving father in the small town.  She is Shim-Chung.  She heard that if she gave to buddhist church very much rice, her father would see everything.  But she had nothing to donate.  At that time, some fishermen were very dangerous.  Because a strong ghost attacked them.  The ghost asked them to kill a young girl in the sea.  So the boss suggested that if Shim-Chung would die for them, they would donate rice.  Shin-Chung was very pleased, and she decided to do that.  After few days, finally she died.  And her father could see everything.  But few years later, Shim-chung came back alive.  The god was moved.  So she came back alive, and she and her father had lived happily.

Ian w kang
Korean Fairy Tale

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