Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Naughty monkey play in the sky

 Once upon, a wise and naughty monkey with golden fur.  He often play with his little monkey brothers on a cave where is a beautiful garden with a big pool.  He love sleeping and resting on the rug on a cave.
   After eating the superpeach with power, he has lots of confidence.  He can play in the sky as far as he likes, become small as the tiny power and become sightless shade that everyone can't see him.  He want every celestial being to beat the martial arts.  Many celestial being lose the game and got hurt.  He is so proud of himself that he thinks he is "The King of the World".
   But he forget one thing.  A celestial being, Guanyin, is very important and has a unbeatable magic power.  she tells the monkey if he can fly across her hand.  The monkey is too noble.  He deeply breath.  Then he fly as far as he could.   Finally, he see the big Five mountains.  He take a rest and sigh his name on the higest top of the mountains.  He feels free and say "I fly to the farest side.  How about that?"
Guanyin smiles: "I want you to look carefully.  Is this my hand?"  After the monkey looking around, he just realizes that five mountains is Guanyin's hand.  He was sent to the prison in the highest mountain as the result of his naughty behavior.

  -Huiling Yu

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