Tuesday, March 5, 2013



In "Kong Ji and Pot Ji," a traditional story, the author gives a lesson which is that the good are rewarded and the wicked are punished.  Kong Ji lived with her father, because her mother died, when Kong Ji was a baby.  After time passed, Kong Ji's father married a new woman who had her daughter, Pot Ji.  They had a bad reputation and bothered Kong Ji, so Kong Ji's life was full of hardship.  One day, there was a party which was held by lord of the village, but Kong Ji couldn't go there, because Pot Ji gave her too many chores.  All of a sudden, a toad showed up and did the chores instead of Kong Ji, so she could go to the party.  After the party, she lost her shoes, so a lord who fell in love with her looked for her with her shoes.  At last they met, in spite of Pot Ji's disturbance, and then Kong Ji lived with the lord happily, but Pot Ji and her mother were ousted from the village.

   -Su Jin Choi, Korea

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