Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Tree Frog

LEE HongJu
May 8. 2000.

Do you know why frogs cry when it rains?
   A long time ago, there were a tree frog and his mom.  His mom loved her son very much, but the son acted conversely about saying of his mother.  For example, if his mother says to go to the East, the son goes to the West.  If his mother says to study in his room, he went outside.  Moreover, if his mother says to play outside, he studied in his room.  So his mother became to worry about her son so much.
   One day,the mother told her son to play near the bank of a stream.  However, as normal times, he went to a mountain.  When he was playing in the mountain, suddenly a snake came out.  So he had to run away from the snake.  He shouted for help.  Then, suddenly his mom appeared to save her son.  She hit the snake with a stick.  Eventually, the snake ran away.  But what a pity it is!  His mom was bited by snake.  So she became to die.

   As she dying, she asked her son to bury her near the stream.  Because she thought that if she tells to bury near the stream, he would bury her in the mountain.  She died soon, and the son cried so much.
   After crying, he went to obey her will.  But he thought that, "It was her last will, so I should obey her will."  So he buried his mom near the stream.  As soon as he buried, suddenly it rained.  Because of rain, the quantity of the stream's water went on increasing.  So the son became to worry about the grave of his mom.  It made him cry when it rains.

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