Thursday, March 7, 2013



An old couple is very poor.  they often no food to eat, because they don't have too much money.  Nevertheless, they are very happy, because they always help people who need help.  One day, when they walk on the street, they see a beggar and he walk to them and try to get money from them.  This old couple says that we don't have too much money to raise ourselves but we still can give some money.  And than, they give the beggar money.  Meanwhile, this beggar says that actually, I am a rich man; i just want to look for good person in this world.  I think that I have already find that.  Than, this rich guy give this old couple a lot of money.  Therefore, this old couple becomes the rich people.  Nevertheless, even though they are rich, they still try to help people who need help.  They still very happy in this world.

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