Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beauty is Nothing

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who lived with her little sister. Her sister was not as beautiful as she was. The boys always liked the big sister; she was asked to marry. She got presents from boys every day. On the other side the little sister always dreamed about the guy who may love her. She knew that she was not beautiful and every boy was looking for her sister, but she was okay with it. She was very humble and modest.
One day the big sister thought she found her true love. He was the richest boy in the town. She tried to meet with him. She did everything to see him. Finally he noticed her. He was shocked by her beauty. He wanted to get married with her immediately.
They got married. The wedding took 40 days and 40 nights. They started to live together. At first everything was like a dream. They seemed like a perfect couple ever. They were both good looking. And the little sister was living with them. She cleaned her sister’s clothes, she cooked for them, she did everything to make them happy.
Therefore, he realized that his wife is not a nice person. She got used to using people. She forced them do something for her.  She always wanted people to obey her because she was beautiful. And he noticed that she was using her sister too. She treated her like nothing. She used her for everything; she was a terrible person.
One day he heard that she was yelling at her sister, ‘you have to live with us because you do not have anybody, you will always be ugly, nobody will want to marry with you.’ He got very mad. He never thought that his wife was such a devil.
Then he realized that beauty is nothing, the most important thing is personality. 
Kubra Nur Aric, Turkey

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