Thursday, December 4, 2014

Morin Xuur

There was once a man named Xuxuu Namjil who was in love with a girl, but he was called to go away to war.  He had a horse that could fly, so he would fly on his horse from the battlefields to see his girl.  But there was another girl who lived near the battlefields and envied the couple.  So, she cut the wings off of Xuxuu’s horse so that he could no longer visit his girl.  After having his wings cut off, the horse died.  Xuxuu Namjil was very sad, and he cut off the horse’s head and tail and from them, he made the first Morin Xuur (Horse Fiddle).  When he played his Morin Xuur, it sounded like his horse, and this eased his pain. (RB, USA/Mongolia)

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