Thursday, December 4, 2014

Story #2, Nasreddin

Story #2
One day, Nasreddin Hoca buys two kilograms of meat from butcher’s shop and goes to his house. After telling his wife to cook meat for dinner, he goes back to work. After he goes, his wife cooks the food and invites her neighbors and gives them a feast. Nasrettin Hoca comes back to his house at night and his wife gets the table ready and gives Nasrettin Hoca a plate of cracked wheat pilaf. When Nasrettin Hoca sees the plate, he gets surprised and asks his wife,
-"You were supposed to cook meat for dinner! I went to the butcher’s shop in the early morning and brought you meat. What happened to that?"
She gets sad and tells him:
-"Oh my dear husband… Our cat ate all of the meat."
Nasrettin Hoca gets very mad and jumps from the chair, grabs a stick and decides to beat the cat. Then he sees the skinny cat sitting next to the wall. He asks his wife to bring the scale. Then he checks the cat’s weight and then he gets confused. The cat weights two kilograms. He calls his wife and says,
-"The cat weights two kilograms; where is the meat I bought from the butcher? If we assume this is the meat I bought, then where is the cat?"  (SK, Turkey)

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