Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Walker Tadpole

There was once the son of a frog Rinrin Tadpole
One morning he went out very stiffly and very pretty
He was in shorts and a fashion tie
With a nice wedding hat and fancy vest on it
“My son please don’t go,” mom yells,
But he very smugly suddenly leaves.

By the road Rinrin found a mouse,
And he said, “My friend you should come with me,
We can visit Mrs. Mouse and have a feast”

The little mouse and Rinrin arrived at Mrs. Mouse's house
And very elegantly the little mouse knocked on the door at once
After two or three knocks, Mrs. Mouse asks, “Who is it?”
“Me Mrs. Mouse, kiss your feet!”

They say hi to each other while hanging their hands
And suddenly the little mouse said,
“Mrs. Mouse, my little friend needs something to drink,
Please give him a beer and let's start to drink”

While the little mouse was drinking the beer
And asking Mrs. Mouse to bring something to sing
The pretty Rinrin was enjoying this time
With some good drinks and nice music to hear.

Although the party was fun for all
With dancing, drinking and a beautiful song
Suddenly Mom Cat and her kitties arrived at Mrs. Mouse's place
And this wonderful party finally ends.

Mom cat hooked the little mouse's ear
And with her terrific voice just said “hi”
The little kitten caught Mrs. Mouse
Once by the tail and once at the foot

The little Rinrin the walker tadpole
Took his hat and suddenly ran,
And quickly said good bye to all

Rinrin the tadpole was jumping so fast
That he tore his vest and lost his hat
He lost himself and while he was turning around
A hungry big duck suddenly ate the little tadpole

And that how it ends, one, two and three,
little mouse, Mrs. Mouse and Rinrin the tadpole;
The cats ate and the duck too
And finally the poor little Mom frog, remained alone.
(MCRB, Colombia)

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