Thursday, December 4, 2014


Sinbad is a famous character in Arab countries. He is a young boy from Baghdad in Iraq. He made adventure stories with his bird named Yasmina and with his friends Ali Baba and Alaa Adin. He did a series of Sinbad journeys to different destinations. 

One day, Sinbad decided to sail with his uncle and his bird Yasmina, which had the ability to speak. In the sea, a whale attacked their boat; at this point Sinbad with his Yasmina separated from his uncle. Here started Sinbad's adventure. He got a new land and knew new two friends.  The first was Ali Baba; he works with thieves but he likes adventures, and decided to involve Sinbad. The second was Alaa Adian; he is an old man who also likes adventures.  

They fought several strange creatures, such as a giant bird, gigantic snakes, mermaids, genies, Lilliputians, and hostile magicians. At the end of each adventure they were victorious over malefactors. Finally, Sinbad killed a blue monster and the magic was gone, and Yasmina returned to her normal life as a beautiful girl. Also Sinbad survived people who a blue monster had changed to stone, and he went back to his home to live with his family.     

 (FA, Saudi Arabia)

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