Friday, September 7, 2012

The king of the jungle

Once upon a time in the jungle there was a big, strong, bad lion, ruling the jungle and getting whatever he wants and if anyone says no the lion will hurt them.  Therefore all the animals in the jungle are afraid of him, even the animals which are bigger than him like; elephants.  One day the lion was walking in his jungle and looking for someone to beat, while the lion was walking, he felt in to the hunters trap, a big heavy net felt on him, the lion was struggling to get out of the net but he couldn't, the lion asked for help but the animals refused to help him because he is bad and if they cut him loose he will continue harming them.  All the animals left the lion in the trap, and the great big lion was carrying.  In the mean while, a small weak rat heard the lion, when the rat arrived there, he saw the king of the jungle carrying and he said: look at the king of the jungle who gets whatever he wants can't get out from a trap.  The lion asked for the rat's help but the rat refused to help him and he told him that he is evil and he deserves that, the lion said that he will change, he will be a good animal then the rat with his sharp teeth started biting the net until the lion was free.  Then the rat said to the lion:   I did my part, now do yours.  Then the lion did what he told the rat, he became a good lion, he helps the small animals and the big ones and never harmed any animal, so the lion and the rest of the animals live happy ever after.

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