Thursday, September 20, 2012

The White-Snake Legend

In ancient times, there were a white-snake and green-snake.  They lived many thousands of years.  They had much power to change things that they wanted to.  One day, they changed into a women's bodies from snakes.  Many animals that could change into person's bodies were bad.  They could kill people to gain their food and absorb the important air from humans' bodies.  The white-snake and green-snake, which were different from the other animals, were good.  The white-snake was a maid lady.  The green-snake was a servant to the white-snake.  Both were beautiful and looked young.  The white-snake was more beautiful than the green-snake.
   One day, in a village, a young man , who looked handsome and merciful, was poor but had faith and studied hard.  The white-snake and green-snake met the man.  The man and the white-snake fell deeply in love.  Day by day their love got deeper and they got married.
   They had a long and sweet period of time after they were married.  Unfortunately, a man who had power to beat bad animals that could change into human bodies passed through the village which they lived in.  He discovered a strange glow coming from the home where they lived.  He knocked on the door of their home.  The white-snake's husband opened the door, and they had conversation.  The husband didn
t know his wife was white.  The man who had power was determined to beat them down, because he thought the white-snake and green-snake were harmful to people.  The white-snake's power frightened the white-snake and green-snake and the man won.  In other words, the couple who loved each other were forced to seperate by the man.
   It is a great love story, but my English expression is poor. Please use your imagination.

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