Thursday, September 20, 2012


Once upon a time there was an old man whose name was Saud.  He had three children, two boys and one girl.
   The old man became very sick and he thought that he would die any time, so he wanted to speak to his daughter and the two boys.  So he asked them to come to his room and he brought each of them a thin stick and he asked them to break it.  So they did what he said, and then he brought three sticks together and asked the first boy to break them.  He tried very hard but he couldn't, and neither could the others.  After that he asked them, "Did you understand why I asked you to break the sticks?," and they answered, "No."
   After that, he said, "At first I asked you to break one stick, and you did.  Then I asked you to break the three sticks, but you couldn't, and that's because the sticks become stronger when they are in a group.  So do you.  If anybody wants to kill one of you, and you are alone, they will.  But if you are in a group, they won't kill any of you, because you become stronger.  I want you to always be together."

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