Friday, September 7, 2012


Once upon a time, a young man had lived in a small country.  He has a good heart, and worked very hard, but he is very poor so that he can't marry any women.  Someday, he caught the wurung (small shell) for dinner from a stream, and he brought it home.  After that he just fell asleep.  When he got up, he was so surprised because a beautiful woman making dinner in the kitched, so he asked why are you here, and what are you doing here?  She replied that I'm your girl now.  But you have to promise me one thing, that is do not watch when I am taking a bath, and we can't sleep together until 60 days from now on.  He couldn't understand that but he gladly accepted that.  They are so happy for a while.  One night, before 1 day left from 60 days, she was taking a bath but he couldn't keep the promise because he wanted to know what she was doing in there every night.  He couldn't believe what he saw it because she is not human but a wurung.  At the same time she died because he didn't keep the promise so he lost his wife and everything.
   This story tells us how promise is important in our life.

   -J.B. Park

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