Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My funny friends

I have a friend who is so funny.  He is a student at church.  So he must always behave himself.  This means always being a good boy. 
   But he has a problem about his language.  For example, when he made some mistake, he said, "Oh, XXX!"  This word is too dirty to write on this paper.
   One day, the church father made a suggestion about his language.  The Father said, "Don't use that kind of word.  Behave yourself."
   But the next day, my friend used that word again, "Oh XXX!"  The church father heard that.  The father said, "Next time if you use that, God will get angry, then flash lightning down on you."  My friend was very scared.  He tried not to use that word.
   But at last he used that dirty word, then a flash of lighting attacked him.  He was about to die.  He said, "Oh XXX!"  Then he died.

   -Nobuyori Oshima

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