Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get the Power Together

A long time ago, there was an old man who had three sons.  But the sons were not nice to each other.
  One day the old man was sick.  He knew that he had no more time to live in this world.  He also knew that he could not leave the problem alone.   After dinner, the old man had his sons come into his room.  Then, he gave one chopstick to each one, and had each son break each chopstick into two.  It was easy to make on chopstick into two.  Next, he gave them each two chopsticks.  It was still easy to break them.  The third time, he gave a bundle of chopsticks to each one.  It was hard for the sons to break them.
   The old man died in a few days.  After a week, a typhoon destroyed their house.  They had to build a new house together.  finally they realized what their father had meant- get the power together.

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