Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This class, level 4, consists of Japanese, Chinese, Bangla and two guys from oil country.  All of them are young and active.
    Since class started, one month has passed.  Mostly I enjoy this class.
   There are three girls in this class.  They are cute, pretty, and foxy.  Nowadays it's one of my pleasures to see them.  If they were not here, I'd commit suicide.
   Actually, the Japanese young generation seems to be more active than the others.  After class, they are very busy studying playing, and watching young girls in the pool.  They are also very good athletes.  Usually, they play soccer, tennis, exercise and so on.  Thanks to playing so hard, some guy sleeps soundly during the class, dreaming of young girls.  It's just a kind of certificate of youth.  Now my advice to him.  His broken leg hasn't recovered completely.  So, next time when he plays soccer, he should kick the ball on his face.  If he has a broken face, I'll be the doctor for him.  How's that sound, Honda!?
   There are some memories in my brain which I'll never forget.  Probably, everybdoy still remembers such a wonderful sentence.  "My name is you.  My phone number is 123-4567."  I'm really proud of having performed with him.  He will be a popular actor in this future.  I'll get his signature from him on my T-shirt before he becomes the actor.  After he becomes famous. I'll work with him as his manager.  How's that sound, Toshi!?
   Anyway, there are other interesting characters in this class.  I'll never be bored in this class, and I'm looking forward to what will happen next time.


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