Friday, September 7, 2012

A Tale in Japan

Once upon a time, a couple of elderly lived in a village.  One day the husband went to a mountain to get some woods and wife went to a river to wash their clothes.  The wife found a big peach which went down from up.  She brought it to their house and showed it to her husband.  They tried to cut the peach and then a little boy appeared from the peach.  The couple were so surprised.  They who did not have any kids bring up the boy.  11 years later, many demons appeared in the village and they killed many people in the village.  The couple thought they might be killed y the demons, so they made their kid to wipe out the demons.  The boy who had a strong sense of justice granted the request.  He tries to find some helpers and a dog, a monkey, and a bird became helpers with him.  They went to castle of the demons and finally they defeated the king of demon.  People in the village got happy.

   -Taku Kato

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