Thursday, September 20, 2012

A long time ago, there was an old man.  He had three sons but his sons were very lazy.  He loved his sons very much and he was very worried about their lives after he died.  One day, he laid down on the bed and called his sons to come to the front of the bed.  He told them that he would die and that he had buried a lot of gold on the farm.  His sons heard aobut this and were very happy, so they went to the farm directly to dig.  They did their best to dig deeply and find the gold.
   After they finished digging as deep as they could on all the farm, they still didn't find any gold.  They were very angry about what the father had said, and tried to discuss it with the father, but hte father had died.  At that moment, they were ready to give up doing anything more, but the older brother said to his two younger brothers, "Althoug hwe couldn't find any gold underground, why don't we put some seeds in the ground.  When the seeds grow up, their roots will grow and the old will be webbed by the roots,"
   They all agreed with the brother's idea, and they were more careful about the plants, because they wanted plants which would have long and strong roots which could hold or web the gold.  Until autumn, they couldn't find any gold, but they did have lots of oranges.  They finally knew what their father had said about gold; therefore, the old man's sons became very hard.

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