Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Write a story that will entertain your classmates

So I'm writing about me.  So about 4 months ago, I lived in Hawaii.  One Sunday, I went to Waikiki Beach.  This day was just Japan's golden week, so many kinds of tourists came to Hawaii.  Of course many beautiful girls came to the beach.  Then I thought I would try girl hunting.  I was looking for a nice girl.  Then I found a girl.  I thought that maybe she was single.  After a few minutes I said "Hello!  How's it goin'?  How's Hawaii?"  and she said, "Hi!. . . Are you Japanese?. . .,"  then I thought, "Lucky".  So.  I talked about Hawaii and something with her. I had a good time.  I invited her to go to a disco or movie.  Then one guy came to our seat.  Oh my god!!!  When she said, "This is my husband.  This trip is a honey-moon," so I was too much surprised.  An instant I couldn't move or talk.  After a few minutes, I changed the subject.  So.  In Waikiki they have a nice Japanese restaurant.  Later I ran away.  Now, I thought that girl is a devil.

    -Tadao Hayashiguchi (Honda)

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