Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ali baba and the Forty Thieves

A long time ago there was a guy whose name was Ali Baba, and he was very strong and smart.  One night Ali Baba went to hunt in the jungle.  While he was hunting, he saw forty men who were carrying a lot of things on their horses.  Ali Baba followed those men, and they went to a very big mountain, and one of the men shouted and said, "Open Sesame!"  Immediately, when he said those words, a large door from the stone opened and all the men went inside, and after that the door closed.  The next day Ali Baba went to the jungle early, and said to the big stone, "Open Sesame,"  and the door opened.  He went inside the big hole in the mountain, and saw many piles of gold and money that had been stolen from the city where ali Baba lived.  When he went to get out from the hole in the mountain, he forgot the words that made the door open, and stayed there until the forty thieves came.  When they came inside he was hiding in the corner, and stayed the hwole night.  In the morning he remembered the words and went home.
   One day the thieves decided to rob the Ameer (prince) of the city.  The way they would do it was to put 39 of them in a big cup, while another one would go to t he Ameer and kill him.  Ali found out about htis so he went to the palace and told one of the women who worked in the palace and when the thieves came, the woman brought hot honey and threw it over the thieves, so all 39 died, and went to the other thief and killed him.  so when the Ameer learned that Ali Baba had saved his life, he gave him a very big reward.

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