Friday, August 3, 2012

A Lilial daughter Sim Chung

A long time ago, a man called "Sim, Hack Gyu" and a girl called "Sim Chung who was the man's daughter lived together.  They loved each other so much as a father and a daughter.  They were very poor. besides he was a lilial.  She always worried about her father.  One day, they met an old and ugly priest.  The priest said that if they paid a worth of 3 hundred straw bags of rice to puda, he might be able to see and live as a normal person.  Because they were very poor, they couldn't.  Sim Chung, who always wanted her father to see, decided to sell herself to pay for that.  However, if she sold herself to the merchant, she had to die by putting herself into the sea because the merchant needed a sacrifice as a gift to God.  She did it but she didn't die because the sea of King didn't want her to die.  She was sent back to the land and met a prince of the country, and they got married.  Sim Chung and her father were able to meet again, and they lived together happilly.

   -Lee, Yoon-S

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