Friday, August 3, 2012

Rabbit's liver

A long long time ago, one rabbit lived near the coast.  That rabbit was very smart and intelligent.  On the other hand, one sea empire is in a deep sea.  That empire's king has seeked too much, so octupus doctor say "If you don't find good medicine you will die."  According tot hat saying, every sea person wanted to find that medicine.  One of the most famous doctors in the pacific ocean said "You have to eat rabbit's liver.  Only that is your living way."  So King and every sea person went to find a rabbit, but rabbit do not live in the sea.  Every sea person was in agony.  Squid talk to King, "Rabbit usually live in the ground."  But, who go to the ground?  If they get out of the water, they must be dead.  So they are worried about that.  At that situation, turtle say "I can live on the ground.  Can I go to the ground for you, King?"  King and every sea person are pleased for that saying.  So, turtle go to the ground.  But, the turtle didn't know about the rabbit's living place.  Therefore, turtle can't find rabbit and is badly living on the ground.  In the long run the turtle found the rabbit.  The rabbit was shining under the sun.  So the turtle talked to the rabbit: if you go with me into the sea empire you get everything.  But the rabbit didn't go.  Because rabbit can't live in the water.  So, the king can't eat the rabbit's liver.  As a result, the king died.

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