Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who broke the ecosystem somewhere in Carbondale?

Every world has a little world inside. A city had infinite existences, all living together; sometimes they go unnoticed, sometimes not. Now I live in a house west of Carbondale. When I arrived there, the first night, I was in the backyard and I could hear already, the different sounds of birds before they begin a deep sleep. I was surprised by a tiny light in the dark that it was dancing around me; the lighting bugs, they told me. From the next morning until now, I have come to know every animal that lives there, in the backyard. But now something has happened...... Everything began when a little fountain stopped working, because of the movements of a family of a raccoon that lived under the deck. Also, the birds drank the water from there, and they eat over the chipmunks' house, my friend Chip. Around them, squirrels, rabbits, and finally a big black cat. Whose cat is that? Every morning I have put crackers in front of Chip's door, a little hole under the deck. IT is very funny because he ate the cracker with two hands, he looked good, he was strong. I think the cracker was good for him. Or not? The other day I saw the cat again. The last time I had noticed fewer birds in the feeders; "they need the water from the fountain but now it is broken", I thought. I didn't want to see the reality. I saw the cat's eyes, hungry, spying and I could see him, also looking in front of my friends' house. Two days ago I put out a cracker for Chip again, like every morning. I thought that if he always had the food in his door, he would never go away. Two days later the food is still there. The birds have disappeared and I haven't seen Chip again. Where is he? I know the answer; I'm sad. The cat would have eaten the birds before, if they had been there, if the fountain had been working, if I hadn't put the cracker for my friend. -Victoria Iglesias

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