Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Good Luck and Bad Luck

It's good luck in Japan if:
Your cat has a kitten which is male and red, white, and black
You throw a fish back into the sea.
You eat a big fish.
You find a 5-yen coin on the road.
You have a good dream on the first day of the year.
Meet a white cat.
You see a snake in your dream.
You see a spider in the morning.
You see a stray bullet.
Your nail becomes white.
A tea stalk floats erect in your tea

It's bad luck in Japan if:
You kick something around a temple
Chopsticks break
You see a spider at night
You step on the threshold
You kill a white snake
You rest your elbows on the table
You break a needle or a hairbrush
You whistle at night
You break a rice cup
You cut your nails at night
A cat passes your crotch

It's good luck in Taiwan or China if:
you eat a red egg on your birthday
A baby smiles at your
You're fat
You knock on glass
You throw sugar over your shoulder

It's bad luck in Taiwan or China if:
You put rice on the ground
You open a bottle of wine n the morning
You see moss
You eat an egg on the New Year
You cut your finger while cooking
You walk on the left

It's bad luck in Bangladesh if:
You have a pain in your leg before working
You hear a dog cry near your house at night

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