Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who is Luckier?

A thousand years ago, a temple was located on the top of an unkown mountain.  The inhabitants of the nearest village rarely visited this temple.  Therefore, the goddess of the temple was very dull.
   One night, a kid with a la rge lump on the right side of his neck slept in the temple.  Nobody was willing to make contact with him.  The inhabitants regarded him as a monster because of his ugly appearance.  When the goddess saw the kid lying on the floor, she noticed the large ' ball ' of the kid.  She took away the 'ball' and played with the 'ball'.  It was funny.  Then she went away with the ball.
   After a while, the kid woke up.  He discovered his lump had disappeared.  Immediately, he knelt down quickly and told everybody the goddess had cured his lump.
   Another girl also with a lump on her neck heard this.  She went to the temple and lied down.  After the goddess retruned to the temple, she put the large 'ball' back into the girl's neck.
   When the sun was rising, the girl woke up.  She found her self having one additional lump which was much bigger than the one she originally had.  Her heart was broken and she cried.  Then she went away with two lumps.

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