Thursday, July 26, 2012

I got Lost!

I go to school by bicycle every morning. It's so very hard for me to go up two long hills, but I don't think I can go by foot every day. IT takes about half an hour from house to school walking, so I decided to get a new bicycle. Anyway, one day after school, I got lost on my way from school to home, because it was the first time for me to ride a bicycle in Ashland. Besides I have no sense of direction. Believe it or not, I went the opposite direction, even though the direction to my home is very easy from school. I was so embarrassed,. but I tried to find the right way. Unfortunately, I went to a downward slope, so it was hard to go up hill again. While I was going up hill, I saw a sign of the hospital. Finally, I got it. IT was so terrible. Now I enjoy riding the bicycle every afternoon, but not in the morning. -Yuko

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