Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Japanese Girl

One day while I was walking on a road I heard a shout.  It was from a car.  He said, "Japanese girl!"  I wondered why he knew I was Japanese.   The car came up behind me.  He didn't see my face.  He judged that I was Japanese by seeing only my back style.  Some Americans have long black hair, but he knew that I was a Japanese.  I thought about Japanese.  I thought I was very short, so he thought I was Japanese.  But American children are as short as me.  Suddenly I became aware of my style.  My legs' length is about 1/3 of my whole body.  American people's legs' length is about 1/2 of their whole body.  Usually Americans are fatter than Japanese, but their legs are thinner than Japanese.  I knew why he said to me, "Japanese girl."  But why didn't he think I was Chinese or any other Oriental people?  Japan is a very small island.  There are more Chinese than Japanese in America.   I think Japan is the most famous country among Oriental countries, but it's not only in a good way.  Many countries' people don't like Japanese.  I hope Japan will become famous in a good way.

   -Kayo Nagamine

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