Monday, July 23, 2012

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I have been studying since I was 7 years old; sometimes, I really feel bored of studying.  Every time I want to quit studying and join the workers' ranks, however, my brother's advice always appears in my mind.
   My eldest brother has always regretted that he decided to quit his study when he was in the 4th grade, no matter how my parents tried to make him understand the importance of education to his future.  He always writes to me and tells me to be more concerned about my study.  He said if he hadn't decided to quit studying, he would have experienced the real life of an American instead of just reading what I write back to him.  In his letters, he always reminded me that he was only twenty five, but he had to work instead of studying.
   His embarrassing moment also appears in my mind when I feel tired of studying.  One afternoon, he received a letter from the manager of his company.  When he opened the letter, he couldn't catch any word in it, because it was written in the Malay language instead of in Chinese.  He took the letter and went to ask the manager's secretary to explain to him what it said.  The secretary said, "What?  You can't understand our national language?"  It made him feel very embarrassed at that moment.  After that event, he decided to take night classes to improve his language skills.  After he had experienced learning the Malay language, he felt that maybe it was too late for him to learn, because his mind didn't function very well after not studying for about 15 years.
   Whenever I see a bunch of homework on my table, it always makes me think of giving up studying; however, my brother's experience in lacking education always encourages me to continue, even though it makes me tired.

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