Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Misjudgement

When I came here at first, I had stayed in Amstutz for about one month.  Then I needed an American roommate ardently because I thought practice was the best way to improve my English.  But most people who stayed in Amstutz were Japanese and no American students stayed there, so I couldn't get an American roommate there.  I was determined to move to another dormitory where American students stayed.  I asked a responsible person on my floor to look for an American roommate for me.  I thought he would look for a roommate quickly.  But then he was very busy because he studied for a test, moreover as most American students had already had then, I couldn't get a roommate easily.  After I had waited for about two weeks, he found a roommate at last.  I planned on talking to my American roommate every day.  But my plan collapsed completely.  My American roommate had a girlfriend in this college, so he always went to her dormitory.  I had little time to talk to him.  The double room with an American was like a single room because he hardly stayed in his room.


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