Monday, July 23, 2012

My Misunderstood Pain

One day, I had an ache on the right side of the abdomen.  It was like a prickling.  At that time, I walked like a lame since my muscle was pulled.  When I tried to lift up my right leg, I couldn't lift it up.  Besides, since I have chronic appendicitis, I thought the reason for the ache was my chronic appendicitis problem.  From that morning, I was in pain and my pain continued until that night.  I was very scared and I called my friend to ask for her help.  She also was surprised and called a taxi to go to the emergency room for the hospital.  I spent around three hours in that hospital, and I had a blood test. After my blood test, I found that the reason for the pain was a muscle problem.  Since I just had found out that a swimming pool had been near to my apartment, I had gone swimming three times during that weekday.  It was my first time to go swimming in the U.S.A.  If that pain had been real appendicitis, I would have had to have surgery and my parents would be worried about my appendicitis, so after I realized that that pain was a muscle problem I felt very comfortable, and my friend and I laughed.

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