Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I have stayed with an American lady, Suzy Rader, and one dog named Crithy for three months.  Two weeks ago, we got two kittens from one of Suzy's friends.  They were only six weeks old and so cute.  I gave the name "Mieko" to one kitten because she mewed, "Mie, mie", and Stephanie, who is a niece of Suzy, gave the name "Dotty" to the other kitten because she has a dot on her chin.  We enjoyed playing with the kittens and Crithy enjoyed it also.  Crithy licked the kittens like their mother.  The kittens were interested in everything which they saw.  They got near something interesting and touched or struck it.
   It happened last Sunday.  Suzy ran over Dotty with her car when she was taking her car out of the garage in order to go to church.  There is a bed of the kittens in the garage.
   I was sleeping at that time, so I didn't know what happened to Suzy and the kitten until she told me about that accident.  When I heard about that terrible accident, I couldn't say anything at first because of surprise.  We knew it was dangerous for kittens to get near the car.  Once I hit Dotty almost when I was taking Suzy's car from the garage because Dotty was interested in the car and she ran under the car, but she was OK at that time.
   I was very sad about Dotty and moreover, I was anxious for Suzy because she did it by herself.  She likes Dotty very much and took care very well as a friend.  As I thought Suzy was discouraged, I was really very anxious for her.  After we buried Dotty in the garden, I tried to console Suzy.  But I couldn't, I failed in that.  I regretted my poor English.  I tried to say that it might be me to run over Dotty because sometimes I took the car from the garage and once I hit her almost.  However, she misunderstood what I said.  She thought i said Dotty died because of what I had done before.  And she explained to me how she ran over Dotty.  And also she said it's still good it was Dotty.  I couldn't believe what she said.  She was more sad than me, but she was anxious for my feeling.  I'm very sorry I couldn't console her.  I thought I was not her companion yet.  She called her friend up and she was cheered up.  I really regretted my poor English.  I hope she thinks I'm a companion of her some day because I like her very much.

   -Hiro Goto

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