Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It was November '88 when the event happened.  My friend called Hiroshi and I intended to get to Niagara Falls.  We started to leave for there at about five o'clock.  However while we were driving, after about three hours, we noticed that we had gotten lost on the way, so we were going to go back to a place we could recognize on the map.  We looked for a suitable place where we could do a U-turn and we decided to do a U-turn in someone's garden, because it was difficult to find a place for a U-turn.
   When my friend was about to do the U-turn, our car began to slip on the grass.  Our car never held still.  We tried to make the car move for over one hour.  It was getting darker.  The air was cold.  We wanted to set out for Niagara Falls as soon as possible.
   Then the house owner came to us.  He was very angry with us.  He said, "How will you make up for this?"  I'm going to call the police!"  My friend became very nervous because he must have thought that the policeman would take us to the police station . He was about to drop tears.  I had a hard time stopping a laugh.  Finally the policemen only ordered us to pay fines.  After that, we started to get to Niagara Falls.  It was about 11 o'clock when we reached there.


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