Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been in the United States for about five months. Now I am living in Andrews Hall by myself, but I was living in Kilhefner Hall about two months in March and April. At that time, I had an American roommate. His name was John. He was a big muscular man, so he was a member of the Ashland College football team. When I was his roommate, he was kind and friendly to me. However, I couldn't call him a serious man even as a compliment. Frankly speaking, he had something strange in his personality. On Friday night, I came back to our room at eleven o'clock. In our room, my roommate was dancing with one of his girlfriends in a sweet atmosphere. He was very surprised to see me because I was not scheduled to come back that night. He seemed to invite her to his room. After that, I was staying in other American friends' room for three hours. The clock pointed to two o'clock in the morning. I wanted to go to bed, so I came back to our room. When I arrived in front of the door, I didn't feel the presence of some person in the room. Then, I opened the door to enter our room, but I couldn't. Why? Because there were two, a man's and a woman's, silhouettes on his bed in the dark. -Tetsuya Miyahara

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