Monday, July 23, 2012

Most Embarrassing Moment

Early last month there were great sales at the Mall on winter coats.  My friend and I went shopping for a winter coat before our scholarships arrived; we wanted to be careful to choose something cheap, yet beautiful.  My friend had earlier browsed through several shops, and ended up at J.C. Penney's and Braun's.
   She brought me to Braun's first, and pulled out two coats which had been separated out earlier.  After we had tried them both, we went to Penney's.  I could not decide which coat to choose.  As we were browsing around Penney's, I saw three mannequins and said, "Hey this one would look good on me!"  But as I tried to touch the coat, the mannequin turned and said, "Do you mind?  It is my coat."  On realizing that the mannequin was a real lady, we quickly walked out of the store and back to Braun's.
   Looking at the first coat back at Braun's, I grabbed it without any second thoughts and paid the cashier.  The cashier said, "Can't keep your hands off of that coat, can you!"  Smiling at her, I wondered if only she had known the truth.

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