Thursday, July 26, 2012

International Church

Have you ever been to International church in Carbondale before? I went to there with Korean friends, American friends and Sayaka. Since we can meet many international students and listen to many songs, which are sung in different languages, I'm not a Christian, but I could enjoy it very much. When I went to the church, it was a special day. Many people wore traditional clothes. I didn't have Japanese traditional clothes, but Sayak wore Japanese traditional clothes, which is called "Yukata". She was very cute. At the church, I talked with Malaysian, Chinese, Kenyan, and Indian students. AT some of them were their country's traditional clothes, it was really impressive for me. I learned greetings like "Hello" or "Thank you" or "Good bye" from them. Before coming to the USA, I had thought that I couldn't come to church because I'm not a Christian. However, I realized that church is one of the places to communicate with many people. Although I had never been interested in Christianity before, I like church and I want to make many friends at church, so I want to learn about Christianity. -Miyuki Yamasaki

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