Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Last March, my roommate and I went to the music concert in my roommate's car.  We left Ashland at 6:30 PM.  Then, the weather was very good.  I felt spring was coming.  I was looking forward to seeing that concert because it was my first time to see a concert in the U.S.  The concert was by a popular rock group who was Bon Jovi.  We enjoyed it.  After the concert finished, we went out of the stadium.  Then, I was surprised at the weather because it was snowing.  We couldn't find our car because of snow.  IT took about 30 minutes to find our car.  Our clothes were wet and very cold.  My roommate tried to open the door but he couldn't open it.  The door lock didn't work because of the cold weather.  He tried to open it several times but the door lock still didn't work.  After 30 minutes, the door was opened.  We had stayed in the cold weather for about one hour even though we had a car.  Next, my roommate tried to move his car.  However, he couldn't control his car because his car was a sports car, which had too much power to drive on the snow.  He moved very carefully.  He couldn't speed up.  Finally, it took 2 hours to drive about 30 miles and when we went back to our room, the time was midnight.

   -Toshiki Ikeda

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