Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Moon and the Light

The light shining out from the big, round Moon was bright, so that the Moon was proud of herself.  She shined on a narrow lane on the dark nights.  Every passer-by praised her when they looked upward and saw the beautiful yellow Moon.
    There was a small street-light and said,
You are so stupid to shine.  Your weak light is no use at all under my light!"
   Suddenly, a strong wind blew a dark cloud towards the Moon.  And, unfortunately it stayed in front of the Moon.  Her beautiful face was covered.
   At this time she heard the voice from a man who passed by the road.  He said, "What a dark night it is!  How would it be without this street light?"
   Then the light said to the Moon, "Now you know that everyone has their own value, and nobody can shine forever!

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