Monday, July 23, 2012

The Little Girl and the Wolf

A long time ago, an old hunter had a daughter named Mary, who was clever, brave and beautiful.  She was a good hunter, as good as her father.
   One sunny afternoon, her father told her to bring a basket of fruit to her grandmother, who lived on the other side of the dark forest.  Unfortunately, a big and bad wolf was waiting in the dark forest for her appearance.
    The stupid wolf stopped in front of the little girl, and asked where she was going.  AFter the wolf found out where her grandmother's house was, the wolf disappeared into the woods and ran quickly to Mary's grandmother's house.
    When Mary arrived at her grandmother's house, she felt that there was something strange and dangerous there.  She quietly and carefully opened the door.  She saw that there was somebody in bed with a night cap and nightgown on.  She approached nearer to the bed and she discovered that it wasn't her grandmother, but the stupid wolf.  She quickly took out the gun from the basket and shot the wolf dead.
   Although it is an entertaining story, it tells us that it is not as easy to fool a little girl as it used to be.

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