Thursday, July 26, 2012

Halloween Party

When I came to Ashland, I lived in Kem Hall on the seventh floor. At that time, I made many friends on the seventh floor. My friends were very friendly. In a Halloween party, we changed clothes, then we visited houses and played trick or treat. When I visited houses, I changed into a gangster. I wore a black coat, and black hat, and sunglasses. MY friends also wore funny clothes. For example, one person changed into a parrot, another person changed into a policeman, another changed into a ghost, another changed into a pumpkin, and something like that. Then, we visited several houses, at night. We shouted, "trick or treat!" At that time, I acted like a gangster. I hit the children with a gun. "Bring me to candy!" My friends acted too. On the other hand, the children also changed clothes, and many houses changed. They were dark, and it looked like ghosts haunted the houses. We each had a lot of fun acting, and we got a lot of candy. Finally, we came back to the dormitory. Then we had a Halloween party all night. We drank a lot and danced on the seventh floor. Also we took a lot of pictures. I had a wonderful time because I had a nice experience with American friends playing trick or treat. I'll never forget this experience of my American life. -Michiyo

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