Monday, July 23, 2012

Paul Simon

I went downtown last weekend.  It's very cold.  The large neon-sign was brighten on the top of the building.  It was to advertise for samsung watch.  The advertising was changed immediately and continued.  IT was very interesting to me.  But people seemed not to watch the advertising on the top of the building, because it's too cold to make a slow walk.  But in my case, I had an appointment with my friend at 8:00.  It was just 6 o'clock.  And so I had better spend 2 hours.
   I walked down the street which was very cloudy.  When I saw some clothing store where there were beautiful mannequins in the window.  I stopped and looked at the mannequins.  There were really beautiful and seemed to be real women.  After 10 minutes, I found they're real women.  I watched they went out the window for a short break time.
   Even though I walked long distance, I should wait one and a half hours to meet my friend.  I could not wait any more.  And so, I changed my mind to get a dinner along.  I tried to find some Korean food restaurants.  But I couldn't find a good place.  There were only instant restaurants or western restaurants.  Finally I could find a Korean restaurant though it looked like not a good place.  I couldn't choose to go or not.

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