Saturday, July 21, 2012


A long time ago, there was a man whose name was Ajohyo.  He was a single; however, he was about 30 years old.  He (had) cultivated farm products.
   One day while he walked on a mountain path, he found a crane that was hurt. (At that time), Ajohyo treated her wound, then, she could fly up again.
   A couple days later, a beautiful woman visited Ajohyo and she asked him to marry her.  He was surprised and glad.  (Since then) they started living together.  Her name was Thu.  She had a skill to weave beautiful clothes and those price were very high.  Before she weave the cltoh, she told Ajohyo, "Don't peep in my room!  Don't!"  At first, Ajohyo agreed her word.  But, after Thu finish to weave clothes, she always got thin. Ajohyo wondered why she was so looked thin therefore she only to weave clothes.
   One day, Ajohyo decided to weep in her room and did that.  And then, he was very surprised because he saw a crain!  He couldn't believe his eyes!!  He saw again, but there was only a crane.  He was at a loss.  Then, Thu came out of her room and told him, "You saw my real figure… Why… I told you do not peep in my room but you…" You know.  Thu was not a woman but a crane.  She told him, "I cannot stay here so long as you know I'm a crane..  Good-bye Ajohyo… Take care of yourself…"  Thu was treated by Ajohyo.  She wanted to repay on obligation.  As soon as Thu went out from the house, she flew up to the sky.  He shouted, "Thu! Thu!!  Returned to my house… Please.. Thu.."

The End
   -Yuki Sato

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