Friday, August 3, 2012

Cap o' Rushes

This is a story about a rich man having three daughters.  One of the days, the father asked how much his daughters love him.  One of the daughters said she loves her father like fresh meat loves salt.  Her father thought she didn't love him so her father chased her/  His daughter went away from home and went to the swamp.  In the swamp, she saw a dress from head to toe.  When she wore the dress, she looked different.  After that she became a servant in the Aegant house.  In the elegant house, everybody called Cap o' Rushes because she wore cap or hat and she went to hurry to get a job.  One of the nights, the master's Cap o' Rushes got a party and Cap o' Rushes came back.  The master's son fell in love with Cap o' Rushes.  Before midnight, Cap o' Rushes scrapped out but the Master's son gave a ring.  After that party, the master's son didn't see Cap o' Rushes again until he was sick.  When he was sick, Cap o' Rushes made a porridge.  The other servant gave a porridge to the master's son.  Something different was in the porridge because Cap o' Rushes took a ring and the master's son knew who Cap o' Rushes is.  Finally, the master's son and Cap o' Rushes were married.  This story is like Cinderella but a different version.


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