Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ant and Cicada

Long before all this, there was a forest in which all animals were talking. There was a cicada and basically he was a rock star of the woods. He just wanted to rock’n roll all night and party every day. He never made any kind of preparation for the coming summer. He was always relaxing with his guitar and his friends. On the other hand, there was a hardworking ant and he was working every day of hot summer making preparations for coming summer. When the long and cold winter finally came, cicada has found himself in very bad position because he has done nothing for coming winter. No foods, no nothing. Then he remembered that maybe his neighbor hardworking ant could help him and give him some food. He went to his cabin and kindly knocked the door and said “Good evening brother ant” and ant replied “what do you want cicada”. Then, cicada explained the situation to him. Ant replied, “what did you do all summer?” Cicada answered that with embarrassment, “I partied all summer.“ However ant got really mad and replied, “Keep on partying in the winter too like you did in summer” and shut the door. In the end, cicada sadly started to walk in the snow. (Utku Gulbulak, Turkey, 2015)

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