Thursday, December 17, 2015

Guang Sima Hurled the Jar

One day, when Guang Sima was playing hide-and-seek with his friends in the backyard, they suddenly heard a cry for help. “What happened?” All the children were asking each other, but no one had awareness of what was going on. Soon, they found out the problem. There stood a water jar in the middle of the yard. A child climbed on it for fun, but out of blue, he fell in carelessly. The water jar was so huge that the child was certainly going to get drowned. Some of his friends were scared and began to cry while others were running outside to ask adults for help. However, Guang Sima was the only one remained calm. He thought for a while, picking up a big boulder and then hurled it to the jar. “Bang!” The jar was broken and the child came out of it with water all over him. He was saved! In the end, Guang Sima was praised for his wisdom. He was also very diligent and passionate for reading history books. He eventually compiled the History as a Mirror and became a famous historian in China. (Lin Lin, China, 2015)

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