Thursday, December 17, 2015

Folk Tale

In ancient China, in a small village, there was a family, in which three generations lived together. A grandfather lived with his son and a grandson. The grandfather was very weak, and he no longer could work on the field. His son complained about that he had to feed and take care of the old man who was not able to bring anything to the family. One day, the son put his father in a big basket and carried him to the back of village. There was a mountain behind the village. The son carried his father to the bottom of the mountain, and left him there. The grandson was following them. He saw everything. When the son and the grandson walked back to their house without the grandfather. The son noticed that his son, the grandson, carried the empty basket with him. He asked, “Why do you carry this broken old basket back?” The grandson replied, “Because when you gets old, I will use it to carry you back to the bottom of mountain.” The father was suddenly shamed and regretted what he had done to his father. He went back to the mountain, and brought his father back to home. (Xiaomiao Wang, China, 2015)

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