Thursday, December 17, 2015

Folk Tale

Once upon a time, there was a family of parents and three sons who lived in farm. The three brothers were responsible to pick up the fruits and vegetables and sell them on market. Unfortunately, the brothers were fighting and arguing all the time and they do not work together as a team. They always blamed each other for any mistake happened. They did not organize their work and every one depended on others to do the tasks. One day, they picked up watermelons and went to market to sell them. However, the oldest went to swim in the river and left his brothers in the market. The youngest brother went to eat in a restaurant and the middle brother slept while he was reading. As a result, a thief stole all the watermelons. They went home and started to blame one another about who was the responsible for this accident. The brothers were arguing and got in a fight. The parents were very sad and tried to stop them from fighting, but they could not. Next morning, the brothers were very tired. Therefore, they could not work on the farm and pick up the corn. The parents tried to pick up the corn, but because they were old, they could not pick up all corns. The father was sad because other farmers sold their corn, but he could not. As a result, the father called his sons and gave each of one a wood stick. He asked them to break the stick and they did it easily. However, when the father asked each one of them to break three sticks together, they could not break the sticks. The father explained to the brothers that if they work together, the competitors in the marked would not able to outperform them, but if each one works alone, they will not be able to compete with the other farmers. The brothers learned the lesson that strength is in unity and collaboration. (Ebtehal, Saudi Arabia, 2015)

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